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Popcorn Removal Made Easy!

Isn’t it time to remove that dated, ugly, and crumbly popcorn ceiling? Contact Popcorn Removal today for efficient, economical, and professional ceiling removal and replacement! You deserve a beautiful smooth finish, or decadent knockdown texture that you will love!

Popcorn Removal

One of the best moves you can do for your home is removing the popcorn textured ceiling. Our team has been properly removing popcorn since 1995! If you are ready to get rid of that ugly popcorn finish, contact us!

Knockdown Texture

Knockdown texture can bring your home to the next level. If you are thinking about applying any texture, do your research! Knockdown texture is not a simple job, hire the right people! Contact us today!

Smooth Walls / Ceiling

Smooth Ceilings are a bit more expensive than knockdown texture. However, the final product looks very clean. Getting the ceiling perfectly smooth is no easy feat – but we concur the job! Contact us today!

Here are some important notes to keep in mind:

  • Knockdown texture can look horrible if it’s not sprayed evenly; the best way to ensure you get an evenly applied knockdown effect is to inquire as to whether
    your contractor uses a spray rig or a hopper. If they’re not using a spray rig, you can count on a sub-par result.
  • If you opt for a smooth finish instead of a knockdown effect, expect an increase in cost and an extended downtime for your home or business.
  • Make sure the company you hire is thoroughly experienced and uses plenty of manpower and plastic rolls. This is not a two-man job, as things can get messy, and an amateur contractor will deliver amateur results.
  • Keep in mind that once the process is complete, the new knockdown texture still needs plenty of drying and painting time.
  • In the hands of smart contractors, this job can be done with minimal to no mess. A knockdown texture’s base material is nothing more than drywall mud with a
    more soupy consistency. This water-based material is completely safe and non-toxic.
  • Light fixtures and fans with a small circumference around the top can be left in place and protected. If they have a larger circumference, then your better bet is
    to drop the tops, so if you decide to change to a smaller top down the road, you won’t have a doughnut of popcorn exposed.
  • Costs are lower for the consumer when cover-up time is shorter. The fewer items there are that need to be covered, the smaller your bill will be. Anything you
    can remove from the area will help your bill, and anything this is not in the way should be pointed out to the person providing the estimate.
  • Minimal drywall repair is usually included at no additional fee. Some situations that can result in higher charges are if your residence is on the fourth floor or higher, if you have skylights, excessive cracks, or high ceilings, which require scaffolding.
  • Some jobs can be executed at a moment’s notice.
  • Doing it yourself leads to high levels of frustration and frequently a less-than-satisfying final product. Picking the wrong company for the job can be even worse.
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Popcorn Removal:

Our team has helped revolutionize the look and feel of home and business interiors through the removal of popcorn. Our services can be completed in just one day, depending on the size of the job, with no mess to clean up. Remember, there is no obligation and no charge for our in home estimates. Best Prices, Best Quality, and the Best Service. Our team has been working with Popcorn Removal since 1995 – see why we are still around!

Popcorn Removal

Knockdown Texture / Smooth

Thinking about replacing that popcorn finish? We don’t blame you! Whether you are looking for Knockdown Texture or Smooth Ceilings, Blue Sky Textures is the way to go. Our professional team has the skill to bring your home to the next level. Knockdown gives off a beautiful finish that brings a room to life. Deciding on a Smooth Finish will give you an elegant finish that many homes lack.

Knockdown Texture
Smooth Ceilings
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Our Customer Reviews:

Our team at Popcorn Removal is fully dedicated to each client that contacts us regarding our services. When you choose Popcorn Removal, there is no need to worry about whether the job gets done. If you need texture removed or added, do it once and do it right with Popcorn Removal. Check out what our users are saying about us!

I was dreading having our condo ceilings scraped. Luis and his crew did a wonderful job. We were ready to move back in with almost no clean up required within a few hours. I would highly recommend this company and crew. |Donna and Dave
Donna M.
Got a very favorable estimate to repair damage to ceilings in bedroom and garage. Crew showed up on time and covered everything in the house in plastic to prevent any splatter. Did an excellent job re texturing both ceilings. Cleaned up everything. Great job
Custodia O.
The best popcorn removal company around. They removed the popcorn ceiling and did a knock down textured plus painted the entire ceiling. I had them come back and do a smooth finish on my kitchen walls.. Perfect job , yes they are busy and that is because they are the best… Thank you!!! I highly recommend them …
Marcy H.
Perfect start to finish. This was the second time I used this company. A year ago they did the same service on my entire downstairs. Prompt (early), professional, cleaned up after themselves. In and out in 6.5 hours for 1800 square feet last time, same for this time. Not a scrap of dirt left over. Courteous, thorough. Can’t say enough good about them. It’s rare to find reliable contractors down here. These guys are good.
Kimberly R.
Judy, the only woman in the office was extremely helpful a great first contact for the company. The crews were on time and friendly. They worked well together and the job went smoothly. They were very clean and neat. Some minor damage to some picture frames on the entertainment center. The crew showed me the damage and apologized and cleaned up the broken glass. The process was clearly explained and I am happy with my new updated ceilings. They were also kind enough to fix a crack in a bathroom that was not part of the job. Thanks to Dave and Blue Sky Textures for a fine job.
Dennis P.

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